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Olive oil ice cream
Olive oil ice cream
The secret recipe for a unique taste

My name is Leonardo Spaccavento, chef at Osteria Perano in Gaiole in Chianti Classico. This property belongs to the Frescobaldi family, of which I have been part for the past 6 years. I was born in Florence in 1993 and I grew up in the Florentine countryside, where my passion for cooking, recipes, and the history of our roots originated.


An ice cream born from passion and tradition


I have always given importance to the territory and its derivations, to the dedication of the people that carry on the past with patience and respect... I am so fond of my land that I have made it the cradle of the professional path that some years ago reached the heart of Chianti, an immersive place where time seems to flow differently from anywhere else. Right from the beginning, I found myself in harmony with the philosophy and ideals that the Frescobaldi family has been pursuing for the past 700 years: respect for tradition and our territory, which are the primary values of the Osteria’s cuisine.


The company’s mission is viticulture and the production of oil, and my task is to pair them with good food while enhancing biodiversity; for this reason, in this article, I am presenting a recipe that reiterates what was explained above.


My recipe for olive oil ice cream

The idea came one day when I found myself thinking: "What if at Osteria Perano the taste experience not only started with oil and warm bread, but also ended with it, as if closing a circle?"

From this thought was born the intent of serving Laudemio Frescobaldi oil ice cream as a dessert. When served at the table in the form of Fettunta, it is completed with a drizzle of raw oil and a pinch of salt. Laudemio Frescobaldi oil, with its elegance, offers intense vegetable and pleasantly spicy aromas. The true difference from other oils lies in its properties that stand out immediately from the first taste, primarily the freshness of the vegetable flavour.

If you want to recreate this homemade olive oil ice cream, I suggest this recipe:



• 870 g of high-quality fresh milk
• 240 g of sugar
• 100 gr Laudemio Frescobaldi oil
• 22 gr dextrose
• 45 gr powdered milk
• 5 g carob seed flour 



How to make olive oil ice cream:

1. Heat the milk and pour it over the mixed powdered ingredients, then stir with a whisk and homogenise the mixture.


2. Put everything on the stove until it reaches 85°; keep the temperature for 2 minutes and emulsify the Laudemio Frescobaldi oil with an immersion blender.


3. Leave the mixture in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours, then transfer it to the ice cream maker to cream for 45 minutes.


4. Freeze the Tub that will be used to store the ice cream in advance, and once the ice cream is prepared, let it rest for a few hours before serving.


5. Don't forget the final touch with a pinch of salt flakes and a round of raw Laudemio Frescobaldi oil!